Nico Orlandi

Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of California, Santa Cruz
norlandi at ucsc dot edu
Primary Areas of Research:
Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science
My primary research in the past few years has been focused on developing a situated account of vision. To explain why the world looks as it does, the position I develop appeals to the structure of the environment in which we are situated. By contrast, a number of models of vision in cognitive science think of visual processing as a 'construction' where representational resources are used to produce visual percepts. I argue that this construction is both unnecessary and unsupported by the evidence. If we properly distinguish representational states and features from functional states and features, we obtain an empirically more plausible account.
Recent and Upcoming Conferences/Talks:
Invited Symposium: Eastern APA, January 2018.
EPSA 2017, University of Exeter, September 2017.
Computation and Representation in Cognitive Science, University of Sussex, July 2017.
Workshop on Representation, Meaning and Content, Turin, July 2017.
Universita' Cattolica Milano, June 2017.
Mentorship Workshop, University of Utah, June 2017.
Summer Institute on Sexuality, San Francisco State University, May 2017.
Cal State, Los Angeles, April 2017.
Probability and Perception Workshop, UC Berkeley March, 2017.
Philosophy of Perception Workshop, UC San Diego, February 2017.
University of Turin, December 2016.
Universita' San Raffaele, December 2016.
APA Pacific Division Meeting, March 2016.
Northern Arizona University, Spring 2016.
University of London, Institute of Philosophy, February 2016.
University of Milan, NeuroPhilosophy Lectures, February 2016.
Bayesian Brain Conference, NYU, December 2015.
Perception and Action Seminar, Brown University, December 2015.
Oberlin College, November 2015.
Keynote Speaker, Minds Online Conference, September 2015.
Mental Representations Workshop, Bochum, Germany, September 2015.
Perception and Cognition Workshop, Glasgow, September 2015.
Rutgers/Barnard/Columbia Mind Workshop, New York, August 2015.
Conference on Inference and Consciousness, Oslo, July 2015.
Department of Psychology. UC Santa Cruz, April 2015.
Mississippi State University, April 2015.
UC Santa Barbara, April 2015.
Texas A&M, February 2015.
Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, September 2014 and November 2014.
University of Houston, March 2014.
Oxford University, St. Hilda College, Oxford, February 2014.
Workshop on the Epistemology of Cognitive Penetrability, Harvard, November 2014.