The Innocent Eye: Why Vision is not a Cognitive Process. New York: Oxford University Press, August 2014.

Reviews of my book:

  • Michael Rescorla (UC Santa Barbara) in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, January 2015.
  • Thomas Polger (University of Cincinnati) in Analysis, 75 (2): 343-345, 2015
  • Craig French (University of Cambridge) in Times Literary Supplement, February, 2015.

Articles (PhilPapers):

  • How Radical is Predictive Processing? With Geoff Lee, forthcoming in Andy Clark and Critics (Eds., Colombo, Irvine & Stapleton) OUP. Also available here:  Orlandi&Lee forthcoming
  • 20th Century Theories of Perception. forthcoming for the volume ‘Philosophy of Mind in the 20th and 21st Centuries’ (Routledge) edited by Amy Kind.
  • Review of Lambert Wiesling’s “The Philosophy of Perception.” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2015.
  • Review of Bence Nanay’s “Between Perception and Action.” Notre Dame Philosophival Reviews, 2014.
  • Embedded Seeing: Vision in the Natural World. Nous, volume 47, Issue 4, pp. 727-747, 2013.
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  • Holistic Realism: a Response to Katz, on Holism and Intuition. with Michael Resnik, the Philosophical Forum 2003.

In Progress:

  • Perception. for the MacMillan’s Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Philosophy of Mind, edited by Brian McLaughlin.
  • Bayesian Perception is Ecological Perception. for the issue “Perceptual Appearances” in Philosophical Topics, edited by Christopher Hill and Brian McLaughlin.
  • Philosophy of Psychology. with Janette Dinishak, for the Routledge Companian to Philosophy of Social Science, edited by Alex Rosenberg and Lee McIntyre.
  • Vision. for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online.
  • Unconscious Inference: the Case of Vision. for a volume to be submitted to Oxford University Press, edited by Anders Nes and Timothy Chan.